WS INVESTMENT AG is an international small cap specialist with a focus on resource and energy companies, mainly for long term investments in the precious metals and renewable energy sectors.

The resources sector goes through cycles that are affected by various factors. These factors affect the various levels of companies in different ways depending on the type of cycle. In any case, we believe that this sector is useful for long-term investing, as resources do not come and go, but are frequently in demand in the long term. WS INVESTMENT examines the market with a watchful eye and can determine the behaviour of the various companies and their stages in certain cycles, as it has long years of experience with resource mining companies. We know when to take advantage of an opportunity when the time is right.

WS INVESTMENT understands the risks and volatility of small-cap and mid-cap companies in the market. Its management has learned to study certain significant and specific criteria in determining the quality of a company and whether it is worth an investment for us. If a company is not able to follow through on its goals, it will become necessary for us to take measures, which may result in consequences for the company, e.g. pulling the investment.

WS INVESTMENT takes advantage of several different investment opportunities and participates outside direct market investments such as seed financings, Pre-IPO’s, IPO’s, equity private placements and convertible debt financings.